An essay answer is a straightforward written answer to a given exam question. Its content consists of factual information related to the question asked.

The structure of the answer proceeds logically. The text is illustrative. Tracks and sentences are tied together. Songs do not contain lists.

Essay = demanding and valued personal writing

The subject of the essay may be factual information, phenomenon or concept. Essays are created for both exam and broad, multi-page writing. Essay is always a straightforward, real language style. It proceeds with complete sentences and its processing part is divided into several parts, which form their own songs or their own figures.

The overall structure is determined by the material. Content is the starting point for writing. It is therefore necessary to manage their material so that it can clearly present it to the reader. Good material management includes the ability to select the essential and essential aspects of the text.

Essay is not a solemn type of writing, but a good essay is clear, concise and illustrative. However, it does not rule out the personality of the text. The author of the essay cannot draw what he says, but he has to consider what he wants to say and then say it.

Essay is not news, but the old thing can be presented in a new way. The essay is also not a report or a scientific article, but a presentation of personal vision and knowledge. In most cases, the reader is interested in knowing what exactly this writer wants to say about this issue. Therefore, a generic list of facts cannot be compiled or needed.


  • tells and describes
  • Concludes and Reflects
  • generalize and illuminate, as appropriate, examples.

An essay is a vision and a daring expression of an interesting point of view. It is good to think first about where to start and where to stop so that the beginning and the end form a beautiful connection.

The appearance of the essay follows the sections of the research report:

  • Cover Sheet and Table of Contents
  • content with necessary figures
  • conclusions and possible source references.

Essex is used not only for data transfer but also for the development of thoughts, the perspective of design and the creation of a new one. Essay – unlike the report and the report – is a completely personal writing.

When writing an essay, you can use the template on the right, to which certain layout and other things have been standardized. The template is based on the guidelines of the thesis of University of Applied Sciences.